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Website Care Plans

Website Care Plans

Why Website Care Plans are Imperative to Your Business

What the heck are Website Care Plans? Let us explain. Your website is an extension of your business and works 24 hour per day. Your website is important. It generates leads, attract customers and therefore makes you revenue. It is where your customers will look before calling you and where your suppliers will check out your credentials. You maintain your car and might even have roadside assistance; in fact roadside assistance is a great way to describe Website Care Plans, they are like roadside assistance for your website.
Your website is important to your business, so doesn’t it make sense that you have someone you trust to ensure your website is up and running 24 hours per day, without interruption? Someone that can make changes when you need them done. Someone that will work out any kinks that inevitably happen when using technology?
Your website is valuable online real estate. With more and more businesses becoming tech savvy, you need your website to be current, innovative and have the latest technologies to attract new customers. We can help you with that. We don’t just fix ‘what is broken’, we will suggest ways to make your website make more money for you. Because we believe you don’t just have a website because everyone else has one, you have a website to make you money.

Do You Really Want to Do It Yourself?

Keeping your website current, backed up and secure from hackers can take valuable time away from the most important person in your business. You.

I can hear you saying: “But my XYZ hosting only costs $1.99 a decade” and I agree, there are some really crazy cheap options out there. Fact of the matter is, your business is more valuable than that and so are you and your piece of mind.

Do you have the time to keep abreast on the ever-evolving world of technology? To know and keep ahead of what your competitors are doing?

We focus on that full time – so you don’t have to.

Of course – there are a multitude of options out there for businesses wanting to keep their own website up to date and managed, usually by the same generic people who are hosting the site. Do you know them by name? Could you call them when you needed them or ask them a question?

We don’t have thousands of customers every day – and we would never want to. We want that personalised service, and the ability to spot little problems before they become big ones. To actually CARE about how your website is doing, and suggest ways to make it even better.

What we offer

We have lived, breathed, and worked in websites for 8 years. We don’t just create and fix websites, we have real life website businesses in various areas. It is where we started, and how we developed our love for all things online. We know what it is like to run a small business and how imperative it is that everything just ‘work’.

That’s why we are now offering you our services through one of our Website Care Plans.

Having professionals continually tweaking and optimising your website and doing all those little jobs that you don’t want to do, so you can concentrate on the big things.  It’s like having a Web Developer in your office, without the huge hourly rate they incur.

Working with Tenacious Digital means your website will continue to improve, work and be ahead of the game at all times. Plus our Care Plans are a fraction of the time and cost it would take to do it yourself.

Why Your Web Developer Never Gets Back to You

Web Developers are super busy people (who don’t always have great people skills). And the demand for their services are only going to grow.  If you needed a Web Developer now – could you get a hold of them?

We want to work with people that understand the value of being online and the benefits it makes to your business.  So if you want someone to answer when you call – choose us, choose Tenacious Digital.

Please review the affordable Website Care Plans below and get in touch.

You aren’t just buying ‘something intangible’ – you are buying peace of mind, access to website professionals, and customer service like no other. We will even send you are report at the end of each month. Get in touch now.

What are Website Care Plans?

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